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The French film festival is just aound the corner!

On Thursday the 13th of June at 11 am, the French film festival will start at the Dunedin Rialto cinemas.

The opening movie will be a comedy tittled "A Difficult year". Who's keen for a laugh?

Then for those who couldn't make it to the morning movie screening, or for those keen on a double dose of French films, join us at 5pm at the Rialto for drinks and a chat before the 5:45 pm screening of he dramatic thriller "Suddenly".

This year will bring another great selection of french movies, all with English subtitles so bring your friends along to discover a little bit of French culture.

For more info, and to book your tickets, check out the 2024 French film festival website.

Hoping to see lots of you at the various films!

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