If you're attending any of our classes you can get a discounted yearly membership to Alliance Fran├žaise Dunedin. As well as discounts at local businesses and invitation to events, you'll also have complete access to our wonderful range of resources to help continue learning & practising French at home, including DVDs, Comics and a great French library, as well as the Institut Francais Culturetheque, an online multimedia library.


Term 4 starts week of 14th October 

DELF/DALF Evening Classes

Alliance fran├žaise de Dunedin is an accredited center for DELF/DALF examinations. DELF/DALF Classes: 1h for 10 weeks. $185 ($165 for students who have textbooks).Students may then choose to sit the DELF exams in order to obtain a recognised French language qualification.

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Les cours de preparation au DELF: Ideal for people who wish to learn and improve their skills on the long term. Classes offer a complete programme following a book, that includes oral and written comprehension, speaking exercises and some grammar.

  • Beginners (DELF A1) Mondays 1h lesson (5pm - 6pm)

In this class, students learn the vocabulary and language structures required to communicate in French in the classroom with the teacher and other students on familiar topics (such as greet, introduce themselves and someone else, give and ask for personal details and express likes and dislikes)

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  • Intermediate (DELF A2) Tuesdays 1h lesson (5:15pm-6:15pm)

For those with basic French knowledge, who can communicate in a simple way and exchange information.

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  • Advanced (DELF B1) Wednesdays 1h lesson (5:15pm-6:15pm)
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Adult Evening Conversation Classes

These classes are aimed at developing your understanding and use of everyday French, with a  focus  on speaking.  Grammar, structures and new vocabulary are integrated into these sessions. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. A 2-hour class per week for 8 weeks this last term.

  • Beginners:
Mondays: 2-hour conversation classes (6.30pm-8.30pm)
Cost:  $225 ($360 for a couple)
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  • Intermediate:
Tuesdays: 2-hour conversation classes (6.30pm-8.30pm)
Cost: $225 ($360 for a couple)
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  • Advanced:
Wednesdays: 2-hour conversation classes (6.30-8.30pm)
Cost: $225 ($360 for a couple)
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Contact Pauline Brook : 03 473 9157 / email: pauline.brook@otago.ac.nz

Adult Lunchtime conversation: Thursdays 11.30am - 12.30pm

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