AF French Film Festival – Some more must-see movies!

The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival is coming soon!

Have you checked out the full programme, which is now available here, and at the Rialto Cinema?

Here are a few more of our must-see movies:


Bloody Milk: With an unusual subject choice for a thriller, Bloody Milk is a gripping drama which breaks traditional conventions. This thriller will keep the viewers glued to the edge of their seat.



BPM (Beat Per Minute): Robin Campillo throws us into the milieu of sexual and political activism during François Mitterrand’s Government of the early 90’s and commemorates the legacy of ACT UP, a group of AIDS activists.



Dalida: From her birth in Cairo in 1933 to her worldwide hit Gigi l’Amoroso in 1974, this intimate portrait retraces the life of Dalida, one of Europe’s most famous singers from the late 1950s to the 1980s.


Festival films will be shown in Dunedin at the Rialto Cinema from 22 March to 4 April and in Arrowtown at Dorothy Browns from 5 to 15 April.