Great weekend on Quarantine Island!

Our 2nd annual Quarantine Island French immersion weekend was once again a success!

There were 18 participants – aged 3 to 75 – and we survived the entire weekend (2 nights!) on the island, speaking French, eating A LOT of French food, drinking a lot of French beverages (there is a little bit of Pastis left), dreaming in French and exploring the island in French.

When we weren’t busy eating, highlights of the weekend included:

  • Speaking French with the Dutch keeper and his family and helping them with some jobs on the island,
  • Exploring the cave,
  • Feeding the ducklings and chickens,
  • Participating in the cooking class (also known as “making dinner”),
  • Exploring the shoreline on foot and by kayak,
  • Playing petanque,

and enjoying a full weekend of French!

Everyone joined in and helped out in the kitchen and around the island. It was wonderful to have a mix of new and returning faces and all were sad to farewell the island on Sunday. Check out the great photos of our trip on Facebook!