AF Dunedin Open & Shut

The last event for 2016 will be on December 17th:  Diner de Noel – End of Year Potluck, 6pm (replaces Petit Déjeuner).
The AF Dunedin will be closed from December 18th until January 19th, when we will have a “Soirée Galette des Rois” (Three Kings cake).

L’AF de Dunedin sera fermée du dimanche 18 Décembre 2016 au jeudi 19 Janvier 2017.

Please alopen-day-2017-dotsso pencil In the Open Day that will take place on Saturday 28 Jan 2017! We expect renewal of membership for 2017 on or by that date. Thanks for your prompt payment, all details of fees, bank account details and membership benefits can be found here: We will send you an invoice-reminder before that date as well :-).

Adult evening classes will resume week of 13 February 2017. Kids and conversation classes start dates have yet to be confirmed.

Details of January events will appear soon on FB Events.