LiDARRAS project update

Here are a few snaps from the latest LiDARRAS project update email:

  • Bentley Systems® has  joined the project and has supported us very generously with a license for the use of their Reality Modeling Software. Find out more about this at
  • Professional photographer Ian Alderman gifted to the LiDARRAS project magnificent photos of our students at work while surveying the underground network of tunnels and quarries. Check it out at
  • Pascal had the honour to attend the remembrance ceremony of the War in France at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington to commemorate the deployment of the New Zealand Division on the Western Front in France.  Find out more about this at
  • We are making progress in our experimentations into ways to bring this incredible dataset to the public. In particular, we just released a new 3D model of the Kia Ora and silver ferns carved by soldiers of the NZETC in the Blenheim quarry.  Discover it at

If you’d like to receive the full email updates from the LiDARRAS project ( that Pascal Sirguey and his team presented at AF a few months ago, please email