Le Quesnoy visitors – AF members & friends: We need YOU!!!

Request for hosting/ Demande d’hébergement


In the last weeks of World War I, New Zealand soldiers carried out a daring raid into the small French town of Le Quesnoy, rescuing it from significant German artillery bombardment. Despite the historic Vauban fortifications, some Kiwi ingenuity and courage found a way into the village. To this day, the town , located in the northern province of Pays du Nord, pays due respect toward all things Kiwi, with streets and a school named after New Zealand places and soldiers. An area around the fortification where soldiers scaled ladders is still very much intact and boasts a monument to the New Zealanders’ bravery and sacrifice.

The town continues to maintain a close association with New Zealand and holds Anzac Day commemorations each year. Preparations are now underway for a significant 100 year anniversary service in 2018. Any visiting New Zealanders are sure to enjoy a warm welcome from locals.

In February 2017, a group of approximately 25 from Le Quesnoy are visiting New Zealand. The group is travelling around the country and has included Dunedin in its itinerary. The group wishes to meet local people while experiencing the sights and sounds of the country that many of them have heard so much about. They are also wishing to establish friendships that can continue in the years to come, by welcoming kiwis back in France.

We are asking members if they can host one or two Le Quesnoy visitors for two nights, Friday 10 and Saturday, 11 February. The only meal you would need to provide is breakfast. Please let us know via info@afdunedin.org.nz if you are able to host a single, two singles (same room is ok) or a couple, and the sleeping arrangements (e.g. two single beds, queen bed, etc.). You can come to collect your guests at a small reception on Friday evening, 10 February, at AF, 15 Bond St.